The Bulgarian Historical Archive in the Plovdiv National Library is a unique archival treasure. The archival documents are valuable not only for research and studies on the past of Plovdiv and the Plovdiv region, but also have national value, revealing remarkable moments in the political, economic and cultural development of Bulgaria. The documents cover the period from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, the most numerous being from the second half of the nineteenth century - the time of the active national church struggle, in which the city of Plovdiv, after Constantinople, played the most significant role. The archival holdings are mostly personal and only a small part of them belong to institutions, institutes and organizations. Here are the archives of prominent political, economic and cultural figures of the Bulgarian National Revival era, as well as of notable public figures, writers and cultural activists after the Liberation. The Bulgarian Historical Archive holds the archives of more than 50 prominent personalities of national and local importance, among them those of great value are those of Nikolai Pavlovich, Yoakim Gruev, Georgi Gruev, Lady Emily Strangford, Branislav Veleshki, The Agushev Fond, Dr. Stoyan Chomakov, Lyuben Karavelov, Dragan Tsankov, Dimitar Dushanov, Russian Provisional Government (1877-1879), Eastern Rumelia (1879-1885), Stoyu Shishkov, Dimitar Agura, Konstantin Velichkov, Nikolai Raynov, Ivan Vazov, Geo Milev, Yordan Yovkov, etc.