Immovable Cultural Heritage

Antov`s House

National Monument of Culture Built in the 50s of the XIX c. The house was built in the middle of the XIX century by Pascal Papadati. Towards the beginning of the twentieth century she moved into owned by Ralto Alton Elmaz.Today the house is popular as Antova, after the name of her last Owners - Pop Antwi. In 1995, Antova House was declared an architectural and artistic monument of national importance. 1979 it was completely restored. The yard is formed in a lovely Renaissance garden with a marble well with an iron scroll. The interior is rich in detail and stylishly executed. Only officials and royal people have visited the house over the years, including: the Queen of Denmark Margarite II - 19.10.2000; the King of Sweden Gustav XVI-10.11.2000; the king of Spain Juan Carlos-August 10, 2003.
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