Immovable Cultural Heritage

The House of Stepan Hindlyan

National Monument of Culture Built in 1835 – 40 year. Stepan Hindliyan’s house was constructed in 1834-35 by unknown builders and represents one of the few houses in Plovdiv, which have preserved their original symmetric design. Its owner is known as the founder of one of the four wealthiest families of Armenian descent in the town upon hills. He was a prominent merchant, whose business at the beginning of the 19th century frequently sent him as far as India, which is how he earned the nickname of Hindliyan. In terms of its artistic decoration, the house has no rival with its elaborate lines covering not only the walls, but the ceiling as well. Some of the wall paintings have survived intact over the years. Two icon painters authored these paintings, one of whom was originally from Italy. Paper stencil was used for the first time here to paint the standard motifs on the first floor of the house. All the walls upstairs, including the French-fashion niches, were painted by hand, with the ceilings covered in colour to match the walls. A mirror image of the house can be seen above the door of the storage room in the yard, which serves both as decoration and a blueprint of the house. Another image above the kitchen door is considered to serve the same purpose- it represents a mirror image of the less formal part of the house. Present day people, the contemporaries of the third millennium, cannot but feel awe at the ingenious and highly sophisticated design of the items, used by people during the 19th century, excellent examples of which can be found in Hindliyan House. We advise you not to leave Plovdiv without paying a visit to this house! Moreover, many of the cultural events of the city take place in this house.
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