Immovable Cultural Heritage

The House of Nikola Nedkovich

National Monument of Culture Built in 1863 year. At the heart of the Old Plovdiv, tucked behind stone walls, a treasure trove revives memories of olden times and Bulgaria’s family chronicles – the house of the prosperous Karlovo-born fabric merchant Nikola Nedkovich. Built in the 1860s, the splendid house excels with the most exuberant exterior decoration in the historic reserve. The innumerable compositions with exquisite architectural themes above each of the windows on the façade are of particular interest. Today, this is one of the very few houses that have preserved original artefacts belonging to the primary owners. With an arrangement characteristic of their epoch, these objects beckon the visitor into the authentic atmosphere and every-day world of affluent Bulgarian families in the late 19th century. The ground floor of the house impresses with its unique ceiling carvings and ornate murals, which have been preserved in their original state without the aid of restoration work. The upper floor is notable for the distinctive style of its decoration. Here the spirit of Western Europe endures a strong presence through a superb collection of period furniture. Among other exhibits are also patterns from Bulgaria’s two primary schools of carpet weaving – Chiprovtsi and Kotel. Reaching up to 10 metres in length, the impressive carpets made to order in Kotel compel genuine admiration along with the elegant ribbed silk fabrics and ladies’ underwear. With the appealing functionality of architectural solutions, the inner yard of the compound allures visitors towards an underground tunnel, which connects the cellar with the street, as well as a covered passage leading from the kitchen into the main building. The gossiping corner, an easily accessible “gossip” turret with windows overlooking the street served as an ideal base for keeping abreast of social life. Nedkovich House is of the most sought venues for hosting cultural events in the Old Town. A great number of creative activities and initiatives take place here all the year round.
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